A special thanks goes to the incredible companies and non-profits that have partnered with us in order to ensure the success of this event. We would be nowhere with out you! 

SALA Foundations Partners with The Great Pillow Fight as event organisers

We would be nowhere without our incredible partnership with SALA Foundations, who came on board to organise this event for us. SALA Foundations is the CSR arm of the South African Language Academy, which offers a variety of English courses including Business English, TEFL Training, and English for Beginners, Pre-elementary, Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced/ Distinction and Proficiency. 

"SA Language Academy is a school that strives for excellence in everything we do. Our goal is for each student to have a life changing experience in South Africa, learning English in a relaxed and beneficial way, meeting friendly people who want to build lasting relationships with everyone while being surrounded by the beauty that is Cape Town. We do this by ensuring that every area of your stay has been carefully planned so you can make the most of your time with us, whether it is for just a few weeks or even a few years. SALA is one of the first truly South African language centers in the country."

For more information on SALA Foundations and their social initiatives, please contact Academy Director Sam Daries on or visit the website on

9Miles Project Partners with The Great Pillow Fight 

A huge thanks goes out to the 9Miles Project, who have partnered with The Great Pillow Fight in sourcing pillows for the event, volunteers to help on the day and through the organising and fulfilling of various other needs. 

9Miles Project was founded in 2013 by Nigel Savel and is a youth and community development programme which uses surfing as a platform to impact and transform disadvantaged youth in Cape Town. 

Surfing is a draw card - the glue to attract youth to a recreational sport which produces dedication, commitment, perseverance, discipline, and valuable life lessons which is a necessity for Right Thinking, Right Believing! The combination of surfing and life skills is a dynamic mixture to produce lasting character which enhances self-worth and activates purpose and a goal orientated mindset, knowing that nothing is impossible to achieve.

For more information about the 9Miles Project, or to support their NPO, please visit or contact them on

MiET Africa brings Ready to Work Programme to Pillow Fight Volunteers

A huge thanks goes out to MiET Africa, who have partnered with The Great Pillow Fight in not only caring for volunteers on the day by sponsoring food and drinks, but also for providing them with the opportunity to take part in a free Ready to Work programme, providing youth with the necessary skills for entering the workplace. 

MiET Africa's vision is to see children and youth attaining their full potential through quality education, by being an African leader in developing and providing innovative education approaches and by improving the lives of children and youth by addressing barriers to learning and development. The organisation has been around since 1993. 

Post 2009, after recognizing that MiET Africa had evolved far beyond how they were initially conceived, yet wanting to stay true to our core principle of “contributing to quality teaching and learning”, they undertook an exercise to define and reaffirm their Vision, Mission and Purpose; Values and Principles; Strategic objectives; Operational model and Focus areas. The results are the MiET Africa of today.

For more information about MiET Africa, or to support their NPO, please visit or contact them on

Hungry Minds Productions Partners with The Great Pillow Fight

A huge thanks goes out to Hungry Minds Productions, who have partnered with The Great Pillow Fight by providing some of the live entertainment that was on the 2016 event programme.  Hungry Minds Theatre Production Team was born from a group of energetic young individuals who share a common goal and passion. A passion for theatre, the arts and its place in society. 

They believe that theatre and performance is one of the most powerful tools we have, which we can use to bring about change, give praise to and use to unite in love and understanding as the human race. And while doing this creating a platform where artists can practice their art form in a supportive environment where co-education is priority. Theatre is for everyone!

For more information about Hungry Minds Productions, or to support their NPO, please visit or contact them on